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Conglomerate of Companies

Manufacturing, Packaging & Harvesting Solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Commercial and Agricultural Sectors



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C2S-Agri is a manufacturing company offering third party fertilizer manufacturing solutions to the Agricultural Sector. The solutions offered includes, blending, filling and packing of customer fertilizer blends in various types of packaging. 

C2S-Agri also has an excellent Hydroponic greenhouse division that grows vegetables for the retail sector.

C2S-Biotechs is a biotechnology manufacturing company specialising in the manufacturing of environmental friendly high performance biotechnological cleaning products for the household cleaning and professional cleaning markets.

Creative Care Solutions Medical is a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, specialising in the manufacturing of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (i.e. Homoeopathic, Nutritional and Dietary Supplement products) and Nutritional / Functional Foods.